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StephenStephen Arrenson – Fan of Online Casinos

Hey, my name is Stephen! I’m 37 years old and will be writing articles and news about topics related to online casinos. Since our government changed the policies on important regulations different operators can now offer casino games throughout the country via the internet. Though I’m not an expert I know the drills and will be giving my “2 cents” on everything I write!

NicoleNicole McBride – Sports Betting till I die

Nicole’s passion is to bet on sports events all over the world. Other then most Americans she likes football very much and betting on it even more. As a mom of two boys, she’s not a full-time editor for us but writes whenever she has time. Because of her passion she’s covering everything that has to do with sports betting – from odds over legal stuff to lifestyle news.

Gregory “Greg” Desh – Online Poker is my passion

Our friend “Greg” is writing for us as a passionate online poker player. He attended multiple tournaments – both on- and offline. His favorite moment of all time was the participation at the World Series of Poker in 2017, 2018 and 2019. Even though he is not a pro he can write some decent texts about strategy, news and so on.

David Pullock – Legal stuff is what I like

Because the online gambling area is getting very difficult with all the new regulations per state we have David in our team. He is an owner of a store for fishing equipment but a “hobby lawyer” as some people would say. That makes him perfect for our legal section which is meant to cover all legal topics regarded to online gambling in the states.