Could Online Gambling pay for the US National Debt?

is gambling a solution?

It’s quite funny when you think about it – the USA could pay a big portion of their national debt just alone with money made through taxation of legal gambling. If you think about the number of years the USA declared gambling as illegal (through the internet), you can imagine how much money was instead going to offshore operators. It’s the same with “drugs” like marijuana. Instead of legalizing and tax it, we – the US citizens – funded drug cartels in Southern America over multiple decades. Just look at this infographic and think about it for a minute.

Just think about it…

US Online Gambling could pay National Debt

David Pullock

David Pullock

David is an owner of a store for fishing equipment but a “hobby lawyer” as some people would say. That makes him perfect for our legal section which is meant to cover all legal topics regarded to online gambling in the states.