Casino Streamer: When your Win is on Camera

casino streamer

For some years now, the so-called “Casino Streamer” on YouTube and Twitch have been building up a large platform of viewers. While other people usually play alone at home in front of their PC or go to the casino, these people use the community to share their winnings and losses. This of course also means that with very large jackpots, everyone can see what has happened. Oh, and by the way – did you know the US could pay their debt with legal online gambling tax?

“LetsGiveItASpin” secures almost $30,000

What looks like a normal round at a slot machine quickly becomes a really joyful, almost crazy affair for YouTube Casino Streamer. “LetsGiveItASpin” deposited $600 and wanted to have fun with this sum. Quite fast however this sum rose to scarcely $6,000. Exactly at this point, the video, which the streamer published on his YouTube channel, starts.

It can be seen that after a few seconds the bonus round is known for slot “Razor Shark” starts. In this bonus round the machine now plays several rounds in a row, whereby the exact number of rounds also depends on the results. Quite fast a sum of nearly $10.000 accumulates since some high-quality symbols appear.

After a few minutes, the casino streamer realizes what has happened and, together with the fans, hardly gets out of astonishment. To his surprise, it doesn’t stop there yet. Due to several scatter and jackpot symbols, the sum increases further and further, until it finally stops at an incredible $23,731.00. At this point, his girlfriend is already there and together they do the famous “Ding, Ding Ding” with their feet. The Casino Streamer “LetsGiveItASpin” states besides that this is the largest profit of its player career so far.

Online slots are becoming more and more entertaining

With the increasing digitalization of casinos (to online casinos), the possibilities of how this is advertised are also increasing. Formerly a shady business, it is now fun for many working people. But this is also because more and more countries are legalizing so-called online casinos. This also includes the USA, which has already legalized online casinos in many countries. Among others, in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Nevada, and West Virginia. The first providers are already active in Nevada, Delaware, and New Jersey. More states have already announced their intention to do so. Even now it can become a little bit confusing understanding everything about the Wire Act, but in the end, it all will play out.

Of course, it is always questionable whether the different providers of these online slots support the casino streamers in any way. Because at the end of the day these on-line Casinos have naturally something of it if their Slots via YouTube, Twitch, and CO. are spread and played. Also naturally the videos energize to this topic to try once its luck. However, we assume that this is not the case. After all, game developers also have something when Let’s Player plays their games. That’s why not every YouTuber is a paid promoter.

At the end of the day, all we can say is that we can give each winner his or her jackpots and we hope that there will be many more winners in the future!



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