About Us


Why are we doing this?

We’re a small group of hobby writers with a dedication to online gambling. Each and one of us feels very happy when participating as a group in games or bets. It just gives us a thrill we normally don’t have. But because we like to write too, we decided to come together as a group of friends and hobby writers and discuss the topic of online gambling in the USA. During this period we could educate ourselves on the US market and learn so much more. Our goal is to get a reasonable amount of readers to maybe one day have some real advertisements that brings money into our pockets. 😀

What’s with that freaky name and URL?

Well, that’s kind of a funny thing. In the beginning, we look for URLs but all the good stuff was already gone. Because of the fact that we don’t have any real money we decided to go with some URLs we already had in our accounts. That’s why we choose ujcfedweb.org. But of course we tried to make sense out of this, so we call ourselves “UJC Fed Web” which has no real meaning, but at the moment it is enough for us. Maybe one day we will change it.